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Auditing Health Care Benefits: How to Manage Costs and Minimize Risks

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A practical, authoritative guide to holding down the spiraling costs of health care benefits

Auditing Health Care Benefits

How to Manage Costs & Minimize Risk

As the debate over health care rages and costs continue to escalate, financial executives need practical, up-to-date guidance on the strategies and options available to them for managing the costs of corporate health care benefits. Auditing Health Care Benefits offers expert advice on how to review, manage, and audit these benefits, and presents the latest, most effective methods to control costs, evaluate existing programs, improve operations, and minimize risks. In this timely, comprehensive guide, you'll find invaluable information on:

  • How to implement critical health care cost management methods, such as cost control, short- and long-term strategies, and risk assessment
  • How to review each component of existing health care benefits programs—in detailed, easy-to-apply steps
  • How to develop an understanding of the claims administration environment
  • How to obtain relevant and meaningful data and how to use it most effectively
  • How to organize your health care audit team
  • How to conduct, step by step, the health care benefits audit, including claim review checklists and claim forms, internal questionnaire forms, a sample audit program, and more

Unsurpassed in both the range and depth of its coverage, Auditing Health Care Benefits: How to Manage Costs and Minimize Risk is must reading for corporate accounting and finance personnel, human resource professionals, and risk managers.

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