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Calling the One: A Leader's Guide to Mature Interviewing (Volume 1)

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Quality starts with hiring the right people. Calling the One: A Leader’s Guide to Mature Interviewing is a resource guide for re-humanizing and refining the process of interviewing. The traditional approach, with its focus on experience, skills and hypothetical behaviors creates harmful anxiety, encourages distortion and leads to costly mistakes in the hiring process. By contrast, the authors advocate what they call the “Mature Model of Interviewing.” This model shows you how to: • Structure the interview process for quality interactions • Use your own presence as the foundation to a great interview process • Increase your own emotional maturity and situational awareness • Talk less, feel energy, and listen far more deeply • Gather information as individuals and arrive at decisions as a group • Transform an interview from a tedious checklist into a memorable moment of authenticity and insight With heightened perceptions and clearer information, you will be able to assess for what the authors believe is the one quality that is the greatest predictor of success – maturity.

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