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Corporate Finance Sourcebook: 2012

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Loaded with valuable information, the 2011 Edition can help you track investment sources interested in your industry: Locate firms seeking to invest in small companies with strong growth potential. Shop around for investors who have the investment portfolio you need to expand your business. Find out what investors require in order to consider financing and what role they expect to play once the deal is completed. Get all the information you need about a prospective company before you even pick up the phone. The Corporate Finance Sourcebook® detailed listings include: Type of industry in which the firm prefers to invest. Names and phone numbers for investment committee officers. Type of financing they prefer (start-up, second stage, first stage). Operating data needed to consider financing (business plan, resumes of key managers, etc.). Minimum and maximum investment. Type of role the investor will expect to have. And so much more! Uncover the most successful money managers in the business: Narrow down your search to investment firms with several years of experience. Select a security analyst who can help you make smart investment decisions. Locate business brokers who can help you find favorable merger/acquisition opportunities. Negotiate the best commercial banking deal for your company: Shop around for an affordable finance rate from a lender familiar with your industry. Look for firms who can provide the leasing options you need and the services you require. Seek out merchant bankers who offer the type of financing that you most prefer. Determine which firms are best for your needs You'll gain access to over 3,500 investors and finance organizations across 18 distinct categories: U.S. Venture Capital Lenders Major Private Lenders Commercial Finance and Factoring Leasing Companies Who's Who at Commercial Banks U.S. Based Foreign Banks Who's Who in Investment Banking Foreign Investment Banks in the U.S. Business Intermediaries Pension Manager Master Trusts Leading Corporate Cash Managers Business Insurance Brokers Corporate Real Estate Services Contact Directory of Securities Analysts CPA Accounting and Audit Firms International Venture Capital Merchant Banking Save valuable time locating need-to-know information The Corporate Finance Sourcebook® has several indexes, including the Index of Firms, Index of Personnel, and a Geographical Index. Designed to make your search as carefree as possible, they help you: Locate an executive or company by name or geographic location. Select U.S. venture capital lenders according to the industries in which they prefer to lend. Target private lenders who are more likely to be interested in your investment proposal.

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