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Discovering Operational Discipline

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OperationalDiscipline - 15 characteristics of great organizations and their people
Achieving a Culture of Discipline that supports HighReliability Organizations

Thethings we can't measure may matter the most. The concept of operationaldiscipline was distilled from decades of observing the characteristics of highperformance teams and individuals. It examines the 15 principles, attitudes,and values that drive organizational excellence in the areas of qualitymanagement, safety management, environmental responsibility, and profitability.
Workshopparticipants say this concept provides a method that allows us to seek enhanced performance that matches our natural desire to do so. Discover a new way toplan for personal, team and, organizational success that results in a more harmonious work environment.

The workshop uses the insight and creative application ideas offered by of over 1000 workshop participants over the past 17 years to help any organization understand and enhance the level of operational discipline in their people, teams, and the organization.

Operational discipline is defined as a consistent pattern ofbehavioral choices that support success. The book explores the 15characteristics that we unconsciously seek during any interaction with others;whether the interaction is with a person, a team, or an organization. Developing a high levelof operational discipline is the essence of achieving operational excellence. It is thefoundation of every successful business management system. Understanding it helps a company move fromgood to great by cultivating level 5 leadership in its management team(Collins, 2001) and in each employee.

Product and service quality is naturally enhanced andprofitability can be maximized when your organization consistently displays thecharacteristics of operational discipline in its decision making and resulting actions. Economic risk management systems, sustainability programs, behavior based safetyprograms, process safety management programs, and environmental risk managementsystems all benefit when an organization promotes a high level ofoperational discipline throughout its structure.

The book includes self-evaluation and development tools,group exercises, and discussion questions. It helps readers assess theirpersonal level of operational discipline as well as their team andorganization's value for operational discipline. Values-based and awarenessraising, The concept of operational discipline introduces the synergisticrelationships between organizational excellence, operational excellence, and operationaldiscipline.  Help your entire workforce discoverthe advantages that reveal themselves when everyone consciously seeks to practice a high level ofoperational discipline.

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