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EngageMe: Will Leaders Listen?

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EngageMe: Will Leaders Listen? is a revealing and powerful journey of discovery. Dr. Vizzuso shares twenty years of experiences, ideas, and lessons, which have the power to transform employees and organizations to build strong employee-leader relationships. It identifies “organizational heroes, unethical leadership, and wayward friends to functionally explain employee engagement and the strategies necessary to succeed.” The subtext of EngageMe is that “engagement” is critical to both personal and professional lives. Organizations and employees will appreciate, understand, and relate to a new model of personal and professional engagement. Having articulated the problem, Dr. Vizzuso proceeds to offer specific advice, including concrete methodologies and practical recommendations to assess an organization's preparedness and correct its deficiencies. He illustrates, through real-life examples of events, how organizations succeeded or failed in their interaction with employees as well as the potential for such interactions to foster disengagement, thereby compromising patient experience and optimal institutional function and success. He proposes recommendations, including specific methodologies and metrics for initial and follow-up assessments, to restructure the very nature of organizations to improve access and communication between management and employees to promote and encourage employee engagement as well as to assess its impact on customers. He implores leadership to be proactive and accountable and to create an environment of trust and confidence amongst its workers, whereby they do not fear offering suggestions or even criticisms of the organization.

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