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European Options: An Intuitive and Illustrative Approach

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Options are a great tool to create new payoffs and to hedge a portfolio. However, a lot of huge losses have been suffered by various market participants (and continue so) due to a lack of understanding of the details and mechanics of options. European Options (An Intuitive and Illustrative Approach) tackles this issue by giving a practical insight into understanding european options, their sensitivities and mechanics. European Options (An Intuitive and Illustrative Approach) provides the reader with an in-depth analysis of how option prices and their greeks react to changes in input prices and illustrates these changes graphically. The analysis stretches beyond simple Call and Put positions and includes common structures like Call/Put Spreads, Calendar Spreads, Butterflies, Synthetics, Ratio Spreads and Strangles/Straddles. European Options (An Illustrative and Intuitive Approach) also explains the use of Put-Call Parity in deriving greek sensitivities and how it can be used to extract input prices when only option prices are available. After studying this book, the reader will be equipped with all necessary understandings and intuitions about European Options and option combinations. Furthermore, European Options (An Intuitive and Illustrative Approach) lays out the groundwork for dealing with more exotic derivative products.

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