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Gamification In Human Resources (Enterprise Gamification) (Volume 3)

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Research shows when people are engaged they are more productive. That’s why gamification has caught on in the corporate world. The clever combination of fields such as game design, psychology, motivation theory, neurophysiology, and behaviorism has been shown to benefit stakeholders in surprisingly effective ways. Whether your role is recruitment and hiring, training, career development and/or employee evaluations, all the while keeping an eye on costs and keeping your co-workers and bosses happy, then gamification is for you. In Enterprise Gamification: Human Resources you will learn how to engage employees to make them happier. And research has shown that happier employees take less sick leave, stay with their companies longer and reach more goals. This book highlights several dozen examples of how organizations like yours are using gamification throughout the employee life cycle to recruit, develop and evaluate talent, and gives you the tools necessary to begin or expand your own gamification programs.

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