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Give a Sh*t! How to Recruit, Select, and Hire Extraordinary Talent

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Marco is a front line supervisor trying to break into management ranks by setting himself apart from his peers. He's not had a lot of formal training or secondary education but he's smart and knows he needs others to help him succeed. Since becoming promoted to supervisor, Marco has had average success building a team. From the outside looking in....he's had "average" success recruiting and hiring talent - and then he learned about the GAS Guage. Give A Sh*T! (GAS) is the first book to finally offer a simple, easy, fast, and effective interviewing tool that separates average talent from exceptional talent at every level. Most companies and managers follow the same hamster wheel approach that's been used for years. Or worse, they 'wing it'! GAS will help you narrow down the best candidate by identifying talent with the most, Drive, Uniqueness, and Scalability - the 3 key 'differentiators' that will help your team, your organization achieve victory on the 'business battlefield'.

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