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Greatness-Cored Leadership: Keys to Becoming a Great Human Resources Leader

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If you work in a human resources department, you have a great opportunity to display leadership by thinking like a businessperson, shaping the company culture, and hiring the right people. With this guidebook, you'll learn strategies to improve your performance as a human resources professional so you can exude great leadership. Discover how to • promote entrepreneurship; • promote teamwork through a corporate manifesto; • stretch your organization's capabilities to achieve growth; • build more engaged cultures by energizing employees. Today's human resources professional is a key player in driving growth and innovation. It's no longer enough to just be effective; you must also be a leader and take steps to help your company achieve its goals. Step out of the back office and take on key roles as a business partner, strategic thinker, and profit builder. With Greatness-Cored Leadership, you'll understand the key challenges that companies face and learn how to translate visions into reality.

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