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Influence: Silent Influencing, Employing Powerful Techniques for Influence and Leadership: 3rd Edition: Influence and Leadership, The Leadership Series, Volume 2

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Influence: Silent Influencing transforms you to an influencer and leader today!

Are you tired of not getting your message across? Are you not being heard by the people in your life? Does your boss ignore you and your spouse disregard what you think? Then this practical audiobook is the guide for you. It will enable you to change how you interact with others and teach you to positively influence and lead everyone around you in a non-manipulative way.

Influence: Silent Influencing includes proven techniques and an easy-to-implement approach that leads to results. If you implement these techniques, you will succeed at being more influential throughout all aspects of your life.

In the many workshops, consulting engagements, and projects led by author Michael Nir, he observed over and over that lack of talent, professionalism or abilities are rarely the barrier to success. Rather, success is hampered because of these elements:

  • Teams aren't functioning due to lack of leadership
  • Managers are dictating instead of cultivating
  • Partners are talking rather than listening
  • Conflict is mismanaged and negotiations are unnecessarily prolonged
  • Although face-to-face interactions are increasingly vital in our virtual world, we don't know how to optimize them
  • Lines of command tend to be blurred and accountability isn't properly defined

Personal Growth: Silent Influencing will teach you these important skills that address the issues above:

  • The ability to streamline to achieve win/win decisions
  • How to mollify power plays and overcome resistance
  • Accentuation of the proper courses of action in any situation
  • Tips to maintain awareness in tricky high-stakes meetings

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