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Informal Economy and Ethics in Management of HR and Business in Kosovo: the Role of Informal Economy, Corruption, Tax Evasion and Ethics in Management of Human Resource and Business

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Internal market today faces many changes that are economic and not economic nature. The topic reviewed in this paper is the role of ethics in business, the impact of the informal economy, and corruption in the country's economy. This subject is analyzed to find information on how corruption has affected the informal economy and the economy of the country, and which has been the role of ethics in organizations. In the manner of its presentation and development of the informal economy has a long history. The informal economy is present almost in all segments of the economy. While in terms of our circumstances, it is much more common, and that as a result of the slow action of the respective institutions, lack of legal infrastructure, and lack of desire to prevent the economy. The growth of the informal economy as a phenomenon is impacting directly on reducing the state budget.

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