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International Cash Management (Treasury Management and Finance Series)

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Modern cash management is no longer restricted to the management of business cash flows and account balances. Nowadays, a cash manager is the treasurer s right-hand man, who, in addition to these core tasks, also bears responsibility for the management of interest and foreign exchange risks and for some of the company s corporate finance operations. In addition, he plays an important supporting role towards the working capital management of the company. This book provides an overview of the position and duties of the modern cash manager in an international company. In addition, it deals with the most important instruments used in contemporary cash management. It covers a cash manager s regular duties, such as the daily management of account balances and the conclusion of transactions in the financial markets. Examples are presented of several types of cash flow forecasts and an overview is provided of all relevant financial products. Furthermore, extensive attention is devoted to the establishment of a proper cash management infrastructure for the company. This includes setting up an (international) account structure, cash pools (international or otherwise), payment and collection factories and a netting system. Finally, a description is provided of the cash manager s role as a company adviser in relation to the management of its working capital. This book is primarily intended for (future) professionals in the corporate treasury and banking sectors, who wish to gain practical knowledge about the subject. It is also suitable for students who need to obtain a broad general overview of cash management as part of their business economics and administration studies. CONSIDER ALSO BUYING THE THIRD EDITION OF THIS BOOK EDITED BY WILLEM VAN ALPHEN

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