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Make Your People Before You Make Your Products: Using Talent Management to Achieve Competitive Advantage in Global Organizations

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Your people hold the key to your business success

Make Your People Before You Make Your Products is an authoritative guide to the evolution of talent management. Written specifically for HR professionals this book describes how organizations can gain a global competitive edge through better management of talent resources. With a practice-based philosophy, readers will learn more effective talent management strategies for a complex market in which people are often the only competitive advantage. Inclusivity is emphasized, and discussion centres on innovative, dynamic, fluid approaches to talent acquisition, development, and retention.

In today's market environment, talent has moved from audience to community while leadership has shifted from control to empowerment. Traditional, linear approaches to talent management are falling short, and directing resources solely to senior management and HIPOs is no longer a valid strategy. This book provides practical guidance on more modern approaches, helping organizations to:

  • Attract and retain the best talent by expanding talent resource management
  • Augment traditional management methods with more dynamic techniques
  • Develop a talent strategy that recognizes the new diversity of supply and demand
  • Consider the evolving roles of talent and leadership in a global context

Contextual changes in workplace dynamics necessitate an updated approach for keeping the best people on board and using them to their utmost potential. Talent management is a driving force behind an organization's success, affecting outcomes by every major metric – if the strategy becomes stale, success is no longer sustainable. Make Your People Before You Make Your Products is guide toward developing an organization's greatest asset.

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