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Options Trading: Strategies for Making Money with Options Trading

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How would you like to leverage your portfolio and make very nice extra profits?

People trading options do it every day, and you can, too. This audiobook contains recommendations for beginning investors on how to determine an appropriate strategy for profitably trading in options.

If you take advantage of the information herein and follow up with more education and training on the topic of options trading, you will be in a position to earn bigger profits in the stock market by trading options. The better you get at trading options, the more money you can make. We also point out that options trading is not risk-free. There are certain fundamentals that must be followed and the trader must keep abreast of the stock market and the options market in order to minimize the risk. This audiobook is here to help you to make as much profit as possible by risking as little as possible.

Investment strategies are very individual, and there is no formula that will apply to everyone. Because of this variability, we have constructed this book based on a series of case studies, using typical investors and the strategies they have chosen. We trust that seeing these decisions in action will help you fashion a strategy that best fits your situation.

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