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Overboard in the Roaring River, Version 2.0: Action Plan (Grand Canyon Adventures)

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Take participants on an unforgettable learning adventure! Set in the Grand Canyon, these stimulating group activities provide an adventurous backdrop for enthusiastic participant involvement and memorable skill building. Use Grand Canyon Adventures for active learning in • Creativity and Problem Solving • Collaboration • Teamwork • Leadership • Conflict Resolution • Consultation Grand Canyon Adventures were researched on location and written by Carmine Consalvo. More than the usual consensus-building activities The creative design of the participant scenario booklets gives these learning activities a distinct advantage over other consensus-building simulations by supporting participants throughout the activity with helpful techniques and key learning points. Six related activities provide new training flexibility The Grand Canyon Adventures package includes interrelated activities on problem solving, collaboration, and consensus decision making, which makes the program extremely flexible. Use all six activities with your entire team, or split up your group to focus on individualized skill development with a single activity. Inspiring video gets participants involved Start your session with The River Song, an 18-minute video that sets the scene for the simulations. It is an all-original, breathtaking video tour of the sites within the Grand Canyon where the simulations take place. It will motivate and focus participants on the activities, and ensure high-impact learning. Realistic, video-based simulations set in America’s most popular scenic wonder! Overboard in the Roaring River The Confluence of Crisis and Management This crisis management simulation, set on the Colorado River, gives groups practice in building consensus and action planning. 1 to 2 hour activity.

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