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Principles of Corporate Finance Theory: Theory With A Practical Dimension

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The competitiveness of the global business environment makes it imperative for organizations to make cogent and strategic investment decisions that would assure their survival in the market. Strategic business and investment decisions are a prerequisite for an organization's ability to maintain an edge over its competitors in the industry. Rapid globalization calls for the broadening of an organization's horizon beyond the local market and industry; rapid globalization calls for investment strategies and decisions that consider foreign competitors, especially when importation and exportation abound in almost every country across the globe. This publication seeks to guide corporate executives in their investment decisions by examining the impact of corporate financial theories and applications on the performance and development of organizations. This book provides useful information on how managers could initiate and complete investment projects successfully. It sheds light on some risks inherent in management functions and the steps that could be taken by organizations to prevent or minimize those risks. The book outlines some theoretical perspectives of seminal thinkers in finance; and how transactions related to mergers and acquisitions could be successfully accounted for under the current SFAS, among others.

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