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Risk Transparency

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This book is a valuable resource which will enable you to gain a competitive advantage in the increasingly important area of risk transparency and reporting. Learn how to dissect the form, content and subjective transparency of the information you provide to management and outside stakeholders; and also get guidance on instituting formats and processes for reporting on a regular basis. External stakeholders will also benefit by getting a broader perspective on the challenges and constraints of information providers.

This new book, written by highly-experienced industry expert Sanjay Sharma, investigates factors that can inhibit financial institutions and other entities from providing full disclosure of the risks underlying their strategies, portfolios and performance. The author surveys disclosure practices that are generally followed, with relevant examples and commentary on their effectiveness and weaknesses. Prescriptive chapters will illustrate how to overcome the drawbacks of disclosure and will also touch upon the evolution of regulatory standards and emerging trends in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the issue of risk transparency is at the forefront of the minds of management, investors and regulators alike. Questions are arising surrounding risk transparency as it relates to, or is provided by, exchanges and markets, central banks and regulators. Ensure you are fully informed and equipped to deal with these questions.

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