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Simple Crowdfunding: Learn the Secrets to Crowdfunding Success

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Curious about Crowdfunding but don’t know where to begin? This Amazon #1 Bestseller provides a SIMPLE introduction to Crowdfunding. Its aim is to introduce the concept of Crowdfunding and to provide tips to both Investors and Borrowers so that they can make the most of this new, innovative marketplace. There is SO much opportunity that this marketplace brings and we truly believe that projects, products and services that may otherwise have been overlooked now have the opportunity to shine. If you have a funding need, there has been no better time to attain it. You have the opportunity to gather and grow a group of enthusiasts interested in your project’s success. To find out more about the authors or to discuss the Crowdfunding opportunity, please visit The future belongs to the crowd! Features Include: • Types of Crowdfunding and How it Works • How to Succeed as a Borrower • How to Succeed as a Lender • Crowdfunding Success Stories

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