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Situational Performance Improvement

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Any organization—whether large or small—will greatly benefit from the practical performance improvement model found in Situational Performance Improvement. It is planned, proactive, fully integrated—and takes full advantage of resources already available in your organization. Most important, this approach produces the best results because it provides well-defined direction—the missing ingredient in many performance improvement efforts and the reason why they are ineffective and, in some cases, even hurt the organization’s ability to compete. This book will help you: • Achieve optimal ROI with every improvement effort • Integrate improvement efforts to optimize results • Add value to the efforts of individuals, work groups and your whole organization • Deal with the complexities of performance improvement • Determine what business needs are critical to the success of your organization • Get to the root causes of your performance problems Situational Performance Improvement covers it all—the nature of performance, managing the change process, variables that may affect performance, the importance of employee buy-in, the link between organizational crises and performance and the design and implementation of performance improvement programs.

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