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The Coach-Approach Leader

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Read this book and become a better coach. In The Coach-Approach Leader, you'll learn that great leaders avoid the traditional command and control approach to leadership. Instead, they focus on asking good questions rather than giving the right answers. In Part I, you ll learn how to coach like a pro by asking simple questions around a matrix. You ll discover how to conduct quick, question-based coaching discussions focused on good questions that: Encourage people to stop, think and reflect Do not direct or assume a direction, but are curious and exploratory Are open-ended, rather than close-ended, and keep people discovering Come from listening and responding to people not waiting for your turn to talk and give advice You can use this easy-to-learn coaching process anywhere and at any time on direct reports, peers, teams, your boss and clients. Your job will be less stressful because you ll no longer bear the pressure of having all the answers. And your questions will help others grow and become independent. In Part II, the author shares a leadership fable that is a fictionalized case study of how the coach-approach leadership technique works. It is presented in a narrative form that everyone in your company from stockroom to boardroom can read and be inspired by.

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