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The H.R. Predicament: Balancing Functional Excellence and Process Integration...Pratical H.R. Strategies

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Every once in awhile, the very thing a department is focused on becomes onto itself the barrier to getting where it is trying to go. That’s the case with many Human Resources Departments in their pursuit of thinking strategically. H.R. leaders trumpet the need for “change”, but inspire little more than overly complex planning documents and clever new names for old H.R. functions. In fact, such campaigns often divert personnel from the ONE THING that can make H.R. a REAL strategic partner: practical and efficient execution of their everyday tactical operations. This book offers a pragmatic approach to optimizing the H.R. function through simple process integration. What’s more, you’ll see how doing the basics very well can be in itself a strategic advantage for your company. H.R. Process Integrations is THE KEY to doing more with less - which in the end allows H.R. to deliver a REAL strategic advantage!

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