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The Latest Techniques in Workforce Planning: From A-Z

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This book aids existing personnel in the old style manpower/planning department to transition into a position where they can add extra value. This is a practical book, not strictly an A- Z is based on methodologies and processes that work in today s fast moving and demanding environment. If you re an academic you will be disappointed as many of the pillars of calculus you would expect to see are not here. This is not a treatise about mathematical reference, rather a workbook for practitioners in HR and efficiency management. Most of the applications are focused in the private sector where all results need to contribute to the bottom line. However, the author believes there is little if any difference if they were applied in the Public sector. Reading this book will provide you with the knowledge and skills to be able to do predictive workforce planning, supported with formulas and some free downloadable software and software advice. CEOs and CFOs would benefit from understanding what value a modern Workforce Planning section could offer to any organization. The results are often so significant, any New Workforce planning departments should be a profit centre and bonuses based on the amount of value created each year. In 2015 two separate reports have both concluded that HR is one of the few professions that is set to grow significantly in the next five years. The critical area is creating value through the human resource New Workforce Planning will be in the vanguard of this trend.

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