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The Leadership in Action Series: On Selecting, Developing, and Managing Talent

Designer: Brand: Center for Creative Leadership


Even in the midst of economic upheaval, organizations need to recognize that selecting, developing, and managing the right leadership talent will help them not only survive but thrive when the economy eventually rebounds. Despite the fact that there are millions in the ranks of the jobless, there remains an acute shortage of talent. So how can organizations best select, develop, and manage their talent? This collection of sixteen pieces-written by the Center for Creative Leadership's highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty members and researchers as well as by prominent practitioners and scholars in the fields of leadership and leadership development-explores the important topic of organizational talent challenges from a number of angles. Why do companies that want to excel need to be able to engage talented workers as never before? How can organizations best identify their high-potential employees? What do leaders need to understand about the latest generation in the workplace, the Millennials? Readers will come away with newly found knowledge on these and other questions and newly formed thoughts on how they can successfully meet the talent challenge.

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