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The Plot Against The Golden Pot: Analysis of the content of the Royal Treasury Chamber (Volume 1)

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The "Plot against the Golden Pot," is the result of at least two decades of researching financial and political machinations from the time of the US revolutionary war, which ties back to events that happened in Europe. In particular the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, which was the beginning according to the author of an evolution that changed the financial power-structure that had been the domain of the European Royalties for good and bad. The political landscape of Europe totally changed, through such an evolution where assassination of the Monarchs was deemed "necessary" for the emerging of a controlling financial elite, that had the money available for the financing of warring conflicts. This European system had its tentacles into the politics of financing of the US colonies and Presidencies and as well. It was this European system of Central or national banks that was the object of studies by a congress delegation that took place in the middle of the last stages of this revamping of the power among the vestiges of the European Monarchies and leading to the inception of the "great Humanitarian? Experiment" of communism that replaced the last Royal powerhouse; except for the British Monarchy. This book is the result of countless hours of research and studying mostly open reference material. However the result of tying it all together reads more like a thriller when it comes to the strategies involved to accomplish this; as just one of the references managed to write, from an insiders account, an expose of an instrumental group of anarchists and their work before he was disillusioned and executed by the Lenin Regime.

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