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The Power of a Good Fight Embracing Conflict to Drive Productivity, Creativity and Innovation

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Workplace conflict isn't the exception-it's the reality of today's business climate. Healthy conflict is a tremendous internal asset that when properly harnessed unleashes the potential of a company. The most successful business leaders and senior managers learn to embrace conflict and skillfully use it to enhance their company. In The Power of a Good Fight, Lynne Eisaguirre show you how to encourage more good fights and fewer bad ones-and take advantage of workplace tension for fueling creative growth. Using proven techniques from her consulting and training business, executives learn how to create strong teams and leaders who use confrontation in a positive way to foster strength, creativity, and productivity throughout their organization. With this book you will gain first hand practical strategies and skills to: *Reframe your own approach to conflict management *Identify the different confrontational styles of team members and learn specific techniques for dealing with each *Embrace and utilize "good fights" to foster trust, creativity, and innovation *Build winning teams that use conflict and confrontation to their advantage *Build broad support for your work and ideas through the use of strong consensus-building skills *Foster an environment of good conflict in an organization from the top down

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