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The Role of Board Members in Venture Capital Backed Companies: Rules, Responsibilities and Motivations of Board Members--From Management & VC Perspectives

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As the function of the board of directors for all types of business endeavors continually evolves, it becomes even more critical for the role to therefore, be clear. Venture-backed companies are unlike any other business entity – public or private – and thus, board composition and group function are particular to their purpose. In The Role of the Board of Directors in Venture-Backed Companies seasoned venture capitalist and veteran board member, Praveen Gupta addresses all aspects of the functionality of the board for such a unique type of corporation. In an engaging read, rich with examples, scenarios and quips based upon experience, Gupta pulls readers from the fundamental role of the board of directors to the similarities and differences between private and public companies, through board structure, the nitty-gritty of logistics, principal functions and optimal composition of a board, as well as a multitude of situation examples in which the board has a definitive role – from management recruitment to new debt financing, covering IPOs, bankruptcy, and a wealth of other scenarios – it’s an unprecedented glimpse at a vital component of any venture-backed company, regardless of stage. Also included are sample documents, such as board of director agreements, that clearly outline the rules and responsibilities of each board member. In this book you will find information on:

Key Roles of the Board of Directors
Board Differences and Similarities: Public vs. Private Companies
Election to the Board
Board Structure: Selecting Board Members
Primary Roles on the Board
Board Logistics
Principal Functions of the Board
Situation Analysis
Biggest Negatives of Venture-Backed Company Boards
Trends to Expect

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