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The Star Factor: Discover What Your Top Performers Do Differently--and Inspire a New Level of Greatness in All

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In every company, a select few produce more, sell more, and deliver better results. These stellar performers consistently outshine their peers -- and achieve more than most would believe possible. If only these people could be cloned! The Star Factor delivers the next best thing: a unique system for unlocking their wisdom, transforming that knowledge into actionable steps, and helping other employees internalize these new attitudes and behaviors, bringing much-needed change to the whole organization. The book's proven Affirmative Leadership methodology has produced astonishing results for companies in a range of industries: the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer doubled its accuracy rate for inventory management forecasting, and a top fast food chain dramatically reduced its employee turnover. Supported by recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, including research on motivation, learning, and achievement, The Star Factor presents a sustainable, people-centered system to build a culture of greatness that starts with the stars and spreads to every corner and every level of the organization.

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