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The Ultimate Child Care Staffing Guide: Hire Train Retain

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The goal of this book is an easy-to-read, actionable guide to tackling turnover in early childhood settings. Jessica Johnsen and Kris Murray have helped hundreds of owners grow their businesses and help systemize their processes. Preventing turnover is huge in this dynamic market and can cost a company tens to hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. Kris Murray's first book, “The Ultimate Child Care Marketing Guide”, has sold thousands of copies and is 5-star rated on Amazon. Kris brought Jessica Johnsen on to the Child Care Marketing Team as a staffing and marketing expert who has had hands on experience in child care. Pick this book up anytime to help you understand what you should be doing to prevent turnover and why. The book has easy to follow action steps at the end of each chapter to help each and every reader create a staff and company culture that no teacher or administrator wants to leave, no matter what their pay.

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