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Transformational Outsourcing: Maximize Value From IT Outsourcing

Designer: Brand: Outskirts Press


Transformational Outsourcing introduces an innovative and flexible services approach to Managing IT and BPO outsourcing.  In today's world, everything is "As a Service"; this book integrates outsourcing management with reality and introduces "Outsourcing Management As a Service". The author has answered several critical questions that outsourcing buyers and vendors look for answers:
  • How do you maximize value and bring forward sustainable enterprise improvements from outsourcing initiatives?
  • How do you Integrate outsourcing with business of the organization?
  • How do you calibrate the pace of transformation while balancing your company culture, operating model and business objectives?
  • How do you assess the complexity and take a structured approach to achieving the outsourcing goals?
  • How do we maximize success and balance that with the Myth of Excellence?
Companies outsource today to reduce cost, increase flexibility, and focus on core competence.Outsourcing is not a fad, but strategic lever organizations utilize to meet their planned objectives. Outsourcing led transformations have become a mechanism for generating economies of scale, specialization, and standardization. Let's face it most outsourcing initiatives fail to deliver the expected value. The wisdom isn't a secret - the companies succeeding in this journey invested in building the right competencies, proper governance, and support structures to manage these initiatives.

The Customer Centric Service Competency framework
 introduced in this book essentially brings forwards the service orientation and integrates outsourcing successfully with the usual business of an IT organization. 

The service framework encompasses thirty key competencies that can be implemented over the duration of outsourcing initiative. Implementation of the services framework will also bring together skills in areas of program management, service management, vendor management, and relationship management.

This book is sweeping and a game changer - for it introduces an integrated view of core services and process centric competencies to succeed with outsourcing. It also brings forward a matured competency based method to managing vendor relationships - more art than science. The information contained in this book, when applied in context of your organization, will emerge several areas of efficiencies you may benefit by implementing.

6 Key Reasons You Must Read This Book 
  • Innovative services based approach and practical insights into implementing outsourcing strategy, core capabilities and their strategic alignment with business.
  • Written for novice as well as experienced buyers and service providers.
  • Guides IT professionals to simplify application of outsourcing - improving accountability across outsourcing value chain, and improving benefits.
  • Provide easy to understand tools, techniques, and best practices to manage outsourcing programs and provider relationships.
  • Improve service focus for outsourcing programs by enhancing productivity, reliability, responsiveness, competency, and maturity.
  • Guide for providers to position themselves as trusted advisors.

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